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“When I asked about [adding security precautions], our then-current Principal dismissed the idea by saying ‘The school needs to balance security with access.’”

– Michael Martin, Author, Countering The Mass Shooter Threat (2017)

In Countering the Mass Shooter Threat you’ll pour over data collected from 48 mass shootings, finding similarities along the way which will lead you to a conclusion that answers the question – what can be done to counter this threat? Once you’ve learned all you can from these historical events you’ll begin to understand the importance of developing an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP), and the systematic forethought that goes into mass casualty preparation.

Learn the Best Ways to Respond
in the Worst Case Scenario

Also known as “Active Shooter: How to Respond,” Run, Hide, Fight is a program developed by the Department of Homeland Security that was initially released to address how victim tactics should change in the face of a mass shooting.


Using the Inverse Square Law, you’ll learn how vital it is to put distance between yourself and a shooter, and the benefits of always having an escape plan.


Although it may sound trivial, there are many tactics involved in hiding from a shooter. You will also examine how to implement and utilize a safe room in your EOP.


When improvised weapons and upfront aggression are your only options, you’ll know exactly what to look for and do. This lesson also teaches you methods for counterattacking as a team, increasing your likelihood of survival.

Debunk Common Myths

There’s a widespread belief that common sense “controls” will prevent mass shootings from happening. Countering The Mass Shooter Threat explores these popular ideas by testing their impact, if any, on applicable mass shooting events. Regardless of which side of the political aisle these ideas come from, you’ll learn the truth behind whether or not they’ve resulted in their intended goal.

Emergency Operations Plans

Almost every institution in America, public or private, would benefit from establishing an EOP. Development and implementation of such a plan is no easy task, but with the guidance provided by Countering The Mass Shooter Threat, you’ll have the resources needed to make it happen.


Active Shooter Events by the Numbers

To understand the true threat of mass shootings we must first look at the data. You’ll learn about the average time for police to make entry, top locations for mass shootings and other important information to influence your EOP.



Josh has been a firearms instructor since leaving the Army in 2005 and has become one of the most recognized instructors in the state of Texas for LTC. He has personally taught over 35,000 Texans and is considered a subject matter expert in his field. In 2012 after the Sandy Hook massacre he offered his classes for free to teachers in Texas and received international publicity for such including being interviewed on the Glen Beck show. He loves teaching and does so with a passion.

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